2014 Tape Demo

by Black Bear Mute

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Recorded in live takes in Pittsburgh, PA at the Pacific Speedway Pit-Bull Palace on Sunday, May 11th, 2014 with a single compressor mic and a computer.


released May 12, 2014

Recorded at the Pacific Speedway Pit Bull Palace on May 11th, 2014
Recorded by Justin Bowen and Bo (Toy Life)
Mixed and mastered by: Destanie and Bo (Toy Life)
Additional mastering by: Robby Lester

Vocals: Robby Lester, Elizabeth Pierce, Marcin Jaroszewicz
Guitars: Robby Lester, Elizabeth Pierce, Marcin Jaroszewicz
Violin: Elizabeth Pierce
Percussion: Marcin Jaroszewicz




Black Bear Mute Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

We're an acoustic (pop) punk band from Pittsburgh, PA.

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Track Name: Woof Attack
Make it matter
Make it count
You never know when it's lights out
Make it matter
Make it count
If you lose no harm no foul

Better than not

Some things make a sound
echo through the lights and ground
Let yr heart
pound and pound
pound and pound
Track Name: TV Sledgehammer
I don't want to hear about yr career goals
or yr retirement plans
We can talk about whatever else you'd like
Has the government ever worked for the people
since the day it was born?
Does anybody with excessive wealth
have a light and honest soul?

Don't be ashamed
The House plays a
tricky fucking game
Nobody ever wins

But I want to hear about your adventures
all the schemes that you may have
Do you think that maybe
our paths
will cross
the next time we're on the road
far away from home?
Track Name: American Frank
Well, Frank's a lover not a fighter
and his body runs for miles
And he would make a cavalier effort
to make you think
that your the only one
he sees
Take it from me
It's nothing personal
Hell, I think yr beautiful
If we could walk a mile
in his paws
I'm sure that we would see
the closer to the ground we are
the taller we can be
And love each other
if we were all cats
I think we'd get along much better
like that

We all think that there's one person sent to save us
It takes a while to realise that fucking bullshit
Look around
take a minute
And look down
What's staring up at you?
Hell, he thinks yr beautiful, too
At the end of the day
it's the little things
we take for granted
nestle up to us
and make a big fuss
when you get home
You just want to be alone
and drink yr problems away
from all the stupid shit people say
But then from underneath the couch
Or from the mantle with a pounce
They don't know anything
outside of the world we've given them

They wait so patiently for us to come home
Track Name: Fish Sticks
Another night on tour
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
We're so goddamn hungry
Justin and Elizabeth say,
"Hey look! There's a Long John Silvers!"

No soy
What the fuck is tempeh?
With a probiotic menu
and microbes on the floor

And she said,
"No we don't have hummus.
Yeah we've got fish sticks.
You can scrape the breading off
Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's vegan"
So we took one for the team

We pulled up to that drive-thru window
Through an intercom I heard an angel's voice
Through the reflection
the starlight in her braces
Was that the batter
or did my heart skip a beat?

And I never thought I'd fall in love
in western Pennsylvania!